Second Shooter!

Helping you with weddings, engagements, events and other kinds of things...


A long time ago…

I've been taking pictures for over 30 years. I started out in journalism working for newspapers in FLorida and then here in Easton, Pa. After a bit I went on my own creating images for editorial, corporate and commercial accounts. I was with Black Star Picture Agency in NYC, internationally published and quite productive. I was climbing up the editorial ladder with interviews at Sports Illustrated, People and Time Magazine. I even had one of my picture stories considered for publication in LIFE magazine. Then, my career path shifted and I went into full-time pastoral ministry. It's a longer story than that, trust me.

Today, I've come full cirlce! Recently departing pastoral ministry, my passion for photography is being rekindled. Although the market and equipment has changed quite a bit since I was a full-time professional, I'm thoroughly enjoying making images again. And I'd love to help others with their projects!

I enjoy shooting just about everything but my heart is in editorial work. I do not want to start my own wedding business, but I wold love to help someone with theirs! So, if you're in need of a Second Shooter for a wedding or just about anything for that matter, I'd enjoy helping you out!

My list of gear can be found here, if you're interested. I look forward to assisting you as the Second Shooter!


I've made a gallery of just wedding images I've made over the years. Feel free to lookby clicking the button below. You can also check out additional images by clicking on the Photography link above. I've posted some of my personal as well as professional projects.