Pit Bulls and Blood Hounds.

If we’re going to lead well, we don’t have time to play the victim.


A few weeks ago I had the humble privilege of engaging a dozen phenomenal seventh and eight grade students. They were part of an inaugural, three-day event called, Team Leadership Initiative. It was an honor to be asked to speak on the topic of, Faith in Leadership. When I teach or present topics I like to make the session interactive since lecture is the least effective way people learn. So, I prepared a skeleton of my presentation, leaving lots of pockets, catalyzed with questions, for discussion.

I arrived with several pages of quotes from well known and not-so-significant leaders. I was very pleased to find a few of the students were familiar with all of the quotes. It was invigorating to interact with and discuss how faith affects leadership. The topic is worth far more than one hour.

However, emerging from the back-and-forth banter was the question of what should the posture be of a leader who finds herself in adverse situations. “Leaders don’t have the luxury of playing the victim,” I said. These words seemed to roll off my tongue as though I’d been saying them for years, but I hadn’t...

Eating the Elephant. Race Relations in America.

In my white, rural upbringing - living on a farm with chickens and ducks - I’d been insulated from the experiences of my brothers and sisters of color. I thought I had a clue. What I found out was that I wasn’t even close

Like an Umbrella. Why We're Given Authority.

Just like an umbrella or awningauthority is designed to take the brunt of the storm for the benefit of others. Fold up an umbrella and apart from it being a mediocre jousting tool or walking stick, it’s pretty useless...Collapsed authority is of no benefit to anyone. It fails to fulfill the purpose for which it was given.